The Promise of Tanzania’s Dual Powerhouses Echoes at the AGRF 2023

Tanzania’s Livestock and Fisheries Sector Poised for Robust Growth and International Collaboration

03 October 2023, Dar es Salaam —Hon. Abdallah Ulega, the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, has emphasized the pivotal role Tanzania is playing in redefining Africa’s food system landscape. The Africa Food Systems Forum 2023 (AGRF 2023), held between 5th and 8th September, became the epicenter of dialogue and innovation, highlighting the significance of Tanzania’s livestock and fisheries sectors.

The AGRF 2023, chaired by President Samia Suluhu Hassan, witnessed a staggering attendance of 5,400 stakeholders from across 90 countries. “Tanzania was not just a passive host, but an active contributor,” expressed Ulega, emphasizing Tanzania’s commitment to sustainable and innovative agricultural practices.

Strengthening Tanzania’s Economic Backbone

The livestock sector, contributing around 7.4% to Tanzania’s GDP, remains integral to Tanzania’s economic vigor. Over 10 million Tanzanians are engaged in diverse livestock activities, reinforcing the nation’s pastoral lineage and economic resilience.

The fisheries sector, growing at a rate of 1.5% annually, supports approximately 7% of the Tanzanian population and contributes about 1.7% to the GDP. With focused efforts, this contribution could surge to an impressive 10%.

The Road to Sustainable Development

Despite grappling with the realities of climate change and resource scarcity, Tanzania remains undeterred. Minister Ulega reaffirmed the country’s commitment to sustainable investment in the livestock and fisheries sectors. “When we come together, we can overcome any obstacle,” he asserted.

Technological Revolution and Financial Support

The forum saw the unveiling of groundbreaking innovations tailored for the livestock and fisheries sectors. With a focus on environment-centric solutions, Tanzania is geared to lead the way in sustainable agricultural practices.

In a significant move, the CRDB Bank pledged $50 million in low-interest loans, targeting the youth in the livestock and fisheries sectors. This commitment is expected to fuel self-employment and bolster the economy.

Additionally, the President’s Build a Better Tomorrow (BBT) Legacy Program on Food Systems secured a commitment of $500 million, earmarked for the production sectors.

Local Enterprises Take Center Stage

The AGRF 2023 also spotlighted local Tanzanian businesses, bridging the gap with international collaborators. 19 SMEs, predominantly led by youth and women, received accolades for their innovative exhibitions, while companies like Mkuza Chicks, KCG Aqua-tech, and Tan-feed International secured opportunities to present their ventures at the AGRF meeting.

Appeal to Tanzania’s Heartbeat

Minister Ulega fervently called upon the youth, women, and men of Tanzania to actively contribute and invest in the livestock and fisheries sectors. Emphasizing their pivotal role, he said, “The world requires food and resources from livestock and fisheries, and you have an immense opportunity to be part of this global solution.”

Inviting Global Participation

To the international investors, Minister Ulega extended a warm invitation, guaranteeing a conducive environment and collaboration at every juncture. He assured them of Tanzania’s vast potential and commitment to meeting international standards.

, Hon. Ulega extended his gratitude to all forum participants and reserved special appreciation for President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, who, with her visionary leadership, has etched Tanzania’s significant role in shaping the future of African food systems.