TechnoServe at COP28: Pioneering Climate Solutions with Smallholder Farmers Reporter

In a stirring call to action at the commencement of COP28, William Warshauer, the CEO of TechnoServe, outlined the organization’s ambitious agenda to leverage the role of smallholder farmers in combating climate change.

TechnoServe, a seasoned nonprofit in international development, is seizing the COP28 platform to highlight the dual challenge and opportunity presented by agri-food systems, which are currently responsible for a third of global emissions. Warshauer emphasizes the need for a paradigm shift in food production, underscoring the urgency of transforming these systems to ensure a climate-positive future.

“Smallholder farmers, numbering in the hundreds of millions, are not just cultivators of our food; they are guardians of our planet’s future,” Warshauer stated. He stressed that supporting these farmers is key to safeguarding food security for billions, while simultaneously battling climate change.

With over five decades of experience in working with smallholder farmers and small businesses globally, TechnoServe stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. The organization advocates for a concerted global effort at COP28 to build credibility, enhance capacity, and align stakeholders at a significant scale.

Warshauer’s statement culminates with a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of global poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability. “Our mission,” he asserts, “is inexorably linked to the health of our soils, air, water, and climate. COP28 presents an unparalleled opportunity for the world to revitalize an entire sector.”

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