Tanzania Tops East Africa in Potato Yield

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – A recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reveals Tanzania’s dominance in potato yield across East Africa. According to FAOSTAT’s 2022 data, Tanzania boasts an impressive 8.43 tonnes per hectare (t/ha), surpassing its neighbours Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Tanzania: The Yield Champion

  • Production: 1,013,154 tonnes
  • Area Harvested: 120,184 hectares
  • Yield: 8.43 t/ha (highest in East Africa)

Tanzania’s remarkable yield is attributed to effective agricultural practices and strong government and private sector support.

Breaking Down the Numbers

  • Kenya: Despite dedicating the most land (209,770 hectares) to potato farming and achieving a high yield (8.36 t/ha), Kenya falls slightly behind Tanzania in overall yield.
  • Rwanda: Known for its efficient agricultural technology, Rwanda’s yield sits at 7.58 t/ha, placing it behind Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Uganda: Although Uganda has the least cultivated area (37,848 hectares), its 6.45 t/ha yield highlights the potential for growth through improved resource utilization and farming techniques.

SAGCOT: The Engine of Tanzania’s Potato Powerhouse

The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) is critical in potato production. These regions, encompassing Iringa, Njombe, and Mbeya, contribute 70-80% of Tanzania’s potato output. The SAGCOT Strategic Potato Partnership, a collaborative effort between the government and private sector, has been instrumental in this success story. This partnership aims to triple yields by promoting better agricultural practices, improving infrastructure, and facilitating market access for local farmers.

A recent development within SAGCOT highlights its effectiveness. Beno Mgaya, Chairman of LUSITU AGRI BUSINESS, reported that a single hectare in these regions could yield up to 200 bags, translating to an average of 20 t/acre – a significant achievement.

Regional Comparison: Production and Cultivation

  • Kenya: Leads in total production (1,754,000 tonnes) due to its vast agricultural land.
  • Tanzania: Stands out in yield (8.43 t/ha) from a smaller cultivated area (120,184 hectares).
  • Rwanda: Demonstrates efficient resource use and cooperative farming practices (production: 908,007 tonnes).
  • Uganda: Though small-scale (production: 244,071 tonnes), Uganda’s yield potential is promising.

A Bright Future for Tanzania’s Agriculture

Tanzania’s dominance in potato yield signifies its agricultural prowess and the power of strategic partnerships and government support. By optimizing yield, expanding market reach, and embracing advanced agricultural technologies, Tanzania is poised to become an even stronger agricultural force, ensuring food security and driving economic growth.


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