Tanzania Leads Globally in Results-Based Implementation of Water Sector Projects

Dar es Salaam, August 27, 2023 – The water sector in Tanzania stands at the forefront of global achievement in results-based project implementation, as Water Minister Jumaa Aweso highlighted.

Addressing regional leaders and administrative secretaries during a training workshop organized by the Office of the President, TAMISEMI, and the Leadership Institute, Minister Aweso revealed that the Ministry of Water is spearheading the execution of the Program for Results (PforR) in collaboration with the World Bank.

The PforR program represents a pioneering results-based financing model designed to allocate funds to nations that achieve specific performance benchmarks. In the case of Tanzania, the PforR initiative is geared towards enhancing access to water and sanitation services in rural locales.

In the initial three-year span of the program, Tanzania has successfully extended water services to over 4.7 million residents in rural regions and empowered 6.6 million individuals with access to improved sanitation facilities. These accomplishments outshine those of all other countries implementing PforR programs in conjunction with the World Bank.

Recognizing these exceptional outcomes, the World Bank has awarded Tanzania an additional $300 million in funding to propel the PforR program further. Consequently, the initiative’s implementation now spans 25 regions, reflecting a notable increase from the initial 17.

Minister Aweso passionately implored regional leaders to lend their unwavering support to the water sector, ensuring the continued advancement of the PforR initiative. Noteworthy is that the government has already dispersed TZS 970 million to 52 local governments within the newly incorporated regions.

Under the PforR framework, the government has successfully overseen the execution of over 1,500 water projects, each of which has been executed and is actively delivering essential services to millions of citizens.

Minister Aweso emphasized the government’s steadfast commitment to universal access to safe and affordable drinking water by 2025.