SAGCOT Partnership: Tamu Tamu Tanzania Limited Making Strides in the Development of a New Apple Value Chain in Tanzania

Roadmap to  replacing imported apples with locally produced ones Team

Tanzania’s apple industry is undergoing a profound and noteworthy transformation, with Tamu Tamu Tanzania Limited (TTT) at the forefront of this impactful change.

Khalid Mgaramo, SAGCOT, Cluster & Partnerships Manager – Ihemi commends the collaboration with TTT as a pivotal cornerstone in establishing a sustainable and structured approach to developing Tanzania’s temperate fruits value chain.

Tamu Tamu Tanzania, a partner of SAGCOT, is actively engaged in shaping a sustainable temperate fruits value chain within Tanzania. Founded in 2017 by a group of visionary Tanzanian entrepreneurs, the company recognized the untapped potential for apple and strawberry production in the Southern Highlands region of the country.

From a sprawling 100-acre farm in Ifunda, Iringa Region, Tamu Tamu Tanzania specializes in cultivating organic apples and strawberries. In addition to its expansive farming operations, the company is looking forward to boasting a state-of-the-art processing facility dedicated to producing high-quality apple juice and apple sauce. Meanwhile, Tam Tam is producing high-quality apple and strawberry jam.

The collaborative efforts of SAGCOT partners play an instrumental role in steering a transformative agenda for Tanzanian agriculture. Their collective expertise and cooperative endeavors are indispensable for achieving ambitious objectives, such as enhancing agricultural productivity, improving food security, reducing poverty, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

TTT, as a private sector entity, assumes a significant role in the development of the apple value chain, thereby contributing to the creation of a vibrant commercial agriculture ecosystem.

Empowering Farmers: Beyond Mere Transactions

Tamu Tamu Tanzania’s approach transcends conventional business transactions; it revolves around empowering local farmers in Iringa and Njombe Regions with essential knowledge, skills, and resources critical for success in the apple industry. Tam Tam has introduced modern varieties through its outreach program to support smallholder farmers to grow improved and competitive apple varieties.  This holistic empowerment not only results in sustainable income but also uplifts the livelihoods of farmers and their communities.

A Blueprint for Sustainable Agricultural Growth

TTT’s initiatives, backed by the support of SAGCOT, epitomize sustainable agricultural growth, setting a precedent not only in Tanzania but serving as a model for other regions. This strategic partnership underscores the profound impact of collaborations in fostering a robust, inclusive, and sustainable agricultural sector.

The Future: Bright and Promising

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and social inclusivity, Tamu Tamu Tanzania is poised to reshape Tanzania’s temperate fruits value chain. The company’s work stands as a beacon of hope, promising a future where agriculture serves as a catalyst for societal upliftment and empowerment.

TTT: Pioneering in East Africa’s Agricultural Sector

Tamu Tamu Tanzania Ltd. (TTT) stands out as the pioneer commercial apple farm and apple tree nursery in East Africa. Beyond the cultivation of apples, TTT is dedicated to nurturing opportunities and fostering a sustainable future for the region.

Over 30 Top-Quality Apple Seedling Varieties

At the core of TTT’s operations lies the cultivation of over 30 top-quality apple seedling varieties, meticulously selected for their resilience and suitability to the cool, tropical conditions of East Africa. The mission is clear: to establish a flourishing apple industry and significantly boost the income of thousands of farming families.

Strategically Located for Agricultural Success

TTT, strategically positioned between Iringa, Mafinga and Maket Districts, holds the distinction of being East Africa’s leading commercial apple farm and nursery. After five years of intensive research, TTT has identified the eight best-performing apple varieties tailored to Tanzanian conditions.

Creating Life-Changing Income Streams

By the year 2030, TTT aims to meet a substantial portion of Tanzania’s fresh apple demand, underscoring the immense potential for growth and expansion in this sector.

Ambitious Future Plans

The upcoming years will witness TTT expanding its apple tree production capacity, introducing innovative online training materials, completing cold storage installations, securing new tree crop varieties, augmenting its staff, and initiating tree exports to neighboring East African countries.

Redefining Tanzania’s Apple Market

TTT aspires to replace imported apples with locally produced ones, disseminating apple production knowledge, and investing in off-taking capacities and processing facilities. This visionary approach encapsulates a revolution extending beyond tree cultivation, encompassing the training and empowerment of local farmers for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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