Q1 2024 SAGCOT Newsletter: Transformative Agricultural Partnerships and Innovations

The following is the Q1 2024 edition of the SAGCOT Newsletter. This edition highlights SAGCOT’s ongoing efforts to foster agricultural innovation and sustainability across Tanzania. Below is an introduction from the SAGCOT CEO, an editorial overview, and summaries of each featured story with links to the full details.

CEO Word: Building a Thriving Agricultural Future Together

A message from Geoffrey Kirenga, CEO of SAGCOT Centre, reflecting on the achievements of the first quarter of 2024 and the vision for the future. Read the message.

Editorial: Partnerships Are the Cornerstone of Our Success

Tulalumba Mloge highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in driving agricultural development in Tanzania. Read the full editorial.

Featured Stories

  1. Tanzania-Norway Partnership Strengthens Agricultural Innovation in SAGCOT Corridor
    • Highlights the visit of Norwegian Ambassador Ms. Tone Tinnes and the strengthening of the Tanzania-Norway partnership in fostering agricultural innovation. Read more
  2. Yara Training Center Opens in SAGCOT Region to Boost Sustainable Farming and Farmer Empowerment
    • Describes the inauguration of the Yara Training Center in Iringa to empower local farmers and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Read more
  3. A New Chapter in Agriculture and Biodiversity: Unveiling the Africa Vegetable Gene Bank in Tanzania
    • Covers the launch of the Africa Vegetable Gene Bank in Arusha, aimed at conserving indigenous vegetable and fruit seeds. Read more
  4. Rollout of AGCOT to Usher in a New Era of Agricultural Prosperity
    • Discusses the transition from SAGCOT to AGCOT, expanding agricultural development strategies across Tanzania. Read more
  5. Celebrating EFTA’s Achievement in High-Impact Lending to Agricultural SMEs
    • Celebrates EFTA’s award for high-impact lending to agricultural SMEs, highlighting its role in financial inclusivity. Read more
  6. Empowering Rice Farmers through Soil Health Initiatives in the Mbeya Region
    • Focuses on the exchange of innovative agricultural practices between farmers in Mbeya to improve soil health and productivity. Read more
  7. Tanzania Forging Ahead in Potato Production Innovation
    • Describes efforts to enhance potato production through strategic partnerships and new guidelines. Read more
  8. Spice Industry Set to Bloom with the Establishment of Value Chain Strategic Partnership
    • Announces the formation of the SAGCOT Spice Strategic Partnership to boost Tanzania’s spice industry. Read more
  9. Spotlight on SAGCOT Partner: Vonkavy Using Poultry Value Chain for Forward Development
    • Highlights Vonkavy Agro Company’s contributions to the poultry sector and its impact on local economies. Read more
  10. SAGCOT and TARI: Strengthening Agricultural Collaboration for Long-Term Growth in Tanzania
    • Discusses the partnership between SAGCOT and TARI to enhance agricultural research and development. Read more
  11. Soybean Cultivation: Mbozi Farmers Foster a Hopeful Future
    • Showcases the Tanzania Sustainable Soybean Initiative (TSSI) and its impact on soybean farmers in Mbozi. Read more
  12. Tanzania Gears Up for Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition 2024
    • Previews the upcoming Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition, a key event for showcasing agricultural advancements. Read more
  13. Tackling Post-Harvest Losses with the “Tuhifadhi Chakula” Project
    • Details the Tuhifadhi Chakula project’s efforts to reduce post-harvest losses and improve food security. Read more
  14. Empowering Tanzanian Agriculture: A Leap Forward with Dodoma Cement and Avocado Farming
    • Describes partnerships with Dodoma Cement and avocado farming initiatives to enhance agricultural productivity. Read more
  15. Spotlight SAGCOT Women: Road Warrior & Role Model: Goreth Mfuse’s Story of Empowerment
    • Features Goreth Mfuse’s inspiring story of empowerment and her contributions to the agricultural sector. Read more

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Download the full Q1 2024 SAGCOT Newsletter here

Link: https://kilimokwanza.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/SAGCOT-NewsletterQ1.pdf.pdf

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