Public Announcement Regarding Misinformation on the BBT Program at Chinangali Farm

Issued by Chinangali BBT AMCOS Ltd, Chamwino, Dodoma

Date: March 21, 2024

The management of Chinangali BBT AMCOS Limited convened on March 20, 2024, to deeply reflect on the ongoing spread of misinformation across social media platforms. These reports, propagated by some media outlets, activists, politicians, and a few youths who failed to continue with the program due to lack of qualifications and non-adherence to the program guidelines, have been strongly condemned by the leadership of Chinangali BBT AMCOS Limited as maliciously intended against the broader interests of us, the youth participants of the BBT program.

It is crucial to note that out of 268 youths selected for the Chinangali farm program, 261 have reported, with none withdrawing from the Program. Those wishing to leave temporarily must request permission according to our AMCOS procedures. Upon our arrival, we were not neglected; instead, we received a warm welcome, were handed 5-acre farm ownership letters while sub-leasing titles are being prepared, residential houses, three meals a day, a monthly stipend of Tsh. 150,000, health insurance, and farming tools. Furthermore, 9 wells and 2 large irrigation ponds have been constructed. This season, we received seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and guidance from government experts for initial sunflower cultivation during the rainy season before the production season of horticultural crops begins. The crops we produce are ours, and the income generated will be ours, with a buyer already identified as Cereals and Other Produce Boards (CPB). We are also collaborating with various stakeholders, including TAHA, in preparing greenhouse nurseries and demonstration farms for the production of horticultural crops.

Chinangali BBT AMCOS Limited has initiated small-scale projects worth approximately Tsh. 200,000,000, supported by the Government through the National Input Trust Fund (AGITF) for the resilience and economic upliftment of the society. We recognize the Government’s efforts in implementing the Program, including contractors continuing to clear the land, lay irrigation pipes, and drill wells.

We, the youth who have chosen to live our lives on the Chinangali farm, are deeply saddened to see some activists and politicians using a few among us to distort the Program’s image for their personal gain. We urge the Government to take action against those spreading falsehoods about the Program’s implementation.

We pledge to the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, led by our beloved President, Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, that we will not let her down in implementing the Program. We invite media and other stakeholders interested in obtaining information about the Program’s implementation to visit the Chinangali BBT AMCOS Ltd farm and witness the economic opportunities for themselves.

Issued by:
The Cooperative Board, Chinangali BBT AMCOS Ltd, Chamwino, Dodoma.