Prime Minister Majaliwa Advocates Action-Oriented Agricultural Policy at 10th AAPC

Dodoma, April 17, 2024—The 10th Annual Agricultural Policy Conference (AAPC) commenced with fervor as Prime Minister Hon. Kassim Majaliwa (MP) of the United Republic of Tanzania delivered an impassioned keynote speech, championing a proactive approach to agricultural policy formulation and implementation.

In his address at the Mabeyo Hall in Dodoma, Prime Minister Majaliwa reaffirmed the government’s steadfast commitment to advancing the agricultural sector. He underscored the need for tangible actions in policy discourse, emphasizing the imperative role of policies directly benefiting Tanzanian farmers, fishers, and livestock keepers.

“Policy dialogue is essential for addressing ongoing challenges and ensuring sustained progress,” stated Premier Majaliwa, highlighting the pivotal role of collaboration in unlocking Tanzania’s agricultural potential.

The premier lauded Tanzania’s progress in agricultural reforms while stressing the importance of continued efforts, especially in areas such as agriculture financing and necessary policy reforms. He outlined government initiatives, including increased budgetary allocations and the implementation of initiatives like the Agricultural Sector Development Programme II (ASDP II) and the nationwide extension of Building Better Tomorrow (BBT).

Minister of Agriculture Honorable Hussein Bashe echoed the government’s commitment to agricultural infrastructure development, particularly in advancing irrigation systems. He emphasized the active involvement of the private sector and sought heightened support from development partners to enhance irrigation infrastructure.

Furthermore, the government’s dedication to enhancing agricultural productivity was underscored by its openness to exporting agricultural produce. Minister Bashe affirmed the government’s commitment to investing in efficiency measures to increase production and offset production costs, thereby ensuring farmers benefit from their hard work.

Ms. Elizabeth Missokia, Executive Director of the Agricultural Transformation Office (ATO), provided insights into the upcoming Agriculture Transformation Masterplan, highlighting its objectives of enhancing productivity, promoting sustainability, and fostering inclusivity within Tanzania’s agricultural landscape.

Tulalumba Mloge, Principal Executive Assistant to the SAGCOT CEO, passionately articulated SAGCOT’s vision for agricultural development through the upcoming Agricultural Corridor of Tanzania (AGCOT) rollout. Mloge emphasized the corridor approach’s potential to catalyze transformative change by optimizing resources and fostering stakeholder collaboration across the agricultural value chain.

The AAPC, orchestrated by Tanzania’s Policy Analysis Group (PAG), serves as a premier platform for high-level policy discussions. Under the theme “A Decade of Impactful Policy Reforms: Driving Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Food Systems,” the conference aims to reflect on past reforms and chart a course for future policies that ensure the sustainability and resilience of food systems in Tanzania and beyond.

With experts, policymakers, and stakeholders convening to deliberate on frameworks and challenges, the 10th AAPC is poised to shape the trajectory of agricultural policy in Tanzania for years to come.