Poultry Farmers in Ihemi Reap Benefits from Modern Farming Training

Ihemi, Tanzania — Poultry value chain stakeholders in Ihemi have expressed satisfaction with the modern farming training offered at SilverLands Tanzania Limited (T-PEC). This move promises to bolster the local economy and generate employment.

SilverLands Tanzania Limited’s Poultry Training Centre (T-PEC) has become a cornerstone for modern poultry farming education in Ihemi. It offers advanced training sessions that have significantly contributed to local employment and economic growth.

Throughout different interactions, various actors in the poultry product value chain praised the sector for its role in job creation and economic development. They noted that the training sessions are crucial in addressing challenges faced by the industry, including a lack of expertise and modern farming skills.

Michael Nyagawa, a small-scale poultry farmer from Njombe who benefited from these training sessions, commended T-PEC, which is part of the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT). He also expressed gratitude to the sixth-phase government under President Samia Suluhu Hassan for creating a conducive investment environment.

Alice Tendega, a senior officer at T-PEC, explained that the training center was established in 2016 to provide in-depth and brief training sessions to uplift small-scale farmers and non-governmental organizations. “To date, over 3,500 framers have received training in three main areas: advanced meat chicken farming, egg-laying chicken farming, and general best practices for poultry rearing and production. We are committed to continuing these trainings annually and to expanding our facilities as needed,” Tendega stated.

Khalid Mgaramo, the SAGCOT’s Ihemi cluster manager, pointed out that many poultry farmers still operate below potential due to a lack of skills and knowledge, investment capital, quality feed production, high feed costs, and the absence of specialized poultry processing industries.

“There are many challenges in this industry as well as untapped opportunities, which is why SAGCOT is actively working with development partners like T-PEC to provide modern farming training,” Mgaramo explained.

The strategic poultry partnership involves 22 stakeholders, including small-scale farmers, private sectors like Silverlands and AKM Glitters, financial institutions such as NMB and CRDB, and public sectors, including various poultry industry associations.

According to FAOSTAT data 2017, Tanzania processed approximately 104,000 tons of chicken meat with a five-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4 per cent.

SAGCOT continues to be a major motivator in connecting small-scale farmers and breeders, empowering them to contribute significantly to the agriculture, livestock, and fisheries sectors, thereby promoting a resilient and sustainable economy.