Nyalani Irrigation Scheme Launched: A Fresh Wave of Agricultural Prosperity in Kwale County

In an impactful move toward agricultural sustainability and growth, Cabinet Secretary Hon Mithika Linturi has officially commissioned the Nyalani Irrigation project located in Busa village, Kinango Sub County, Kwale County. This strategic initiative is a component of the broader National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP), which the National Government is fervently rolling out.

Kwale County proudly stands among the 21 counties embarking on the NARIGP journey, aiming to revamp the agricultural landscape across its 20 wards. With an overarching goal to elevate food production and profitability, the project meticulously targets pivotal value chains such as Green grams, Tomatoes, Apiculture, and Dairy.

The funding narrative for this ambitious project is equally impressive, with Kwale County securing a substantial 860 million shillings. This financial infusion is poised to catalyze the project’s objectives and deliver tangible outcomes for the community.

At the heart of the Nyalani Irrigation Scheme’s rehabilitation lies a mission to bolster tomato and vegetable production. By providing 417 farmers with efficient irrigation solutions, the project seeks to mitigate the challenges of farm accessibility and the perennial menace of flooding during rainy seasons. This targeted intervention is expected to usher in an era of increased food productivity through improved crop yields, irrigation scheduling, continuous crop production, and a strategic emphasis on crop diversification. Additionally, the initiative aims to curb post-harvest losses, further fortifying the local agricultural sector.

The commissioning ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including PS Dr. Paul Rono, Agriculture Finance Cooperation Chairperson Eng. John Mruttu, Agriculture CEC Kwale County Mr. Roman Shera, and Engineering Secretary Eng. Richard Kanui, among others. Their collective endorsement and support underscore the project’s significance in enhancing agricultural practices and ensuring food security in the region.

As the Nyalani Irrigation project takes root, its ripple effects on the community’s economic and nutritional well-being are anticipated with optimism. This venture is not just an irrigation scheme but a beacon of hope for sustainable agricultural advancement in Kwale County and beyond.