Najim Zuberi Msenga: Fronts Agricultural, Mining, and Tourism Innovation Mix

By Erick Toroka

Tanzania, the East African nation, is renowned for its verdant landscapes, teeming with diverse flora and fauna. But it’s not just nature’s bounty that catches the eye; the country’s agricultural sector is a testament to human endeavor and ingenuity. The fertile lands of the Tanga region, in particular, have been harnessed to their fullest potential by the Najim Company Limited, helmed by the visionary CEO, Dr. Najim Zuberi Msenga.

Beyond its forays into mining and tourism, Najim Company has made significant strides in agriculture. The company is responsible for vast tea plantations and extensive tree farming operations within Tanga, creating a sustainable agricultural model that bolsters the local economy and creates numerous jobs for the local community.

Dr. Msenga’s innovative approach isn’t confined to agriculture. Recognizing the untapped potential of Tanga’s unique blend of natural beauty and abundant resources, Dr. Msenga made history by becoming the first Tanzanian to merge the mining and tourism industries. His brainchild, the Mining Tourism Fair, is an international event staged twice a year that draws attendees from all corners of the globe, including Germany, Japan, and the United States.

This groundbreaking event takes place in the Kalalani – Kigwasi mining area, allowing visitors to appreciate Tanzania’s rich mineral reserves while also soaking in the country’s natural wonders. The initiative has not only boosted tourism but also drawn global attention to Tanzania’s vast mineral wealth.

Najim Co. Ltd, with its headquarters in Dar es Salaam, is more than just a business entity. It is a responsible community partner dedicated to elevating living standards in local communities. The company is actively involved in building schools, clinics, and other vital amenities in regions where their projects are carried out.

Further broadening its scope, Najim Company has established a strong presence in the real estate and transportation sectors. The company’s portfolio boasts of residential and commercial properties, including office spaces, rental homes, and shopping malls. The transportation division provides safe, modern, long-route bus services and operates trucks for countrywide and cross-border logistics.

In the heart of the mining area of Kalalani, 110 km from Tanga town, stands the Najim Mining & Tourism Hotel. Operating 24/7, the hotel caters to tourists and business travelers, providing a comfortable base for exploration and relaxation.