Maida Waziri Takes Helm as New Chairperson of TUCASA’s Advocacy and Lobbying Committee Team

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – In a significant move for the Tanzania United Contractors and Allied Services Association (TUCASA), Maida Waziri has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Advocacy and Lobbying Committee. This appointment, confirmed during the Special General Meeting of TUCASA on December 8, 2023, marks a pivotal moment for the organization.

TUCASA, an umbrella body of registered contractors and allied services providers in Tanzania, plays a crucial role in advancing the construction industry and collaborative services. With over 300 members and growing, TUCASA is a key player in the sector, headquartered in the Sky City Mall, University Road, Dar Es Salaam.

As the Chairperson, Maida Waziri will lead the committee in providing strategic counsel to the association on matters of advocacy and lobbying. The committee is tasked with developing effective strategies for implementation and monitoring their execution. This appointment places Waziri at the heart of TUCASA’s mission to build a robust and productive construction sector in collaboration with the government.

The responsibilities of the Advocacy and Lobbying Committee are extensive. These include advising the association on related matters, devising policies and programs, presenting these to relevant bodies, organizing the implementation of committee activities in cooperation with the Secretariat, and monitoring the execution of related policies and programs.

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2024, at the TUCASA offices in Sky City Mall, where Waziri is expected to confirm her attendance by January 4, 2024. This meeting will be a crucial step in setting the direction for the committee’s activities under Waziri’s leadership.

TUCASA’s structure comprises various committees focused on specific areas, including finance and administration, membership, ethics, different types of contractors, policy, training, research, and development. The Chairpersons of these committees are integral members of the Executive Committee and Council.

Maida Waziri’s appointment is seen as a positive step toward enhancing TUCASA’s influence in the construction industry and its collaborative services. The association and its members express optimism that her leadership will contribute significantly to the growth and development of the sector.