KUSI IDEAS FESTIVAL 2023: Africa’s Future, Embracing Agenda 2063

Gaborone, Botswana: In a significant stride towards Africa’s transformative journey, the KUSI IDEAS FESTIVAL 2023 is set to be held in Gaborone, Botswana, from the 7th to the 8th of December. This year’s theme, “Africa’s Agenda 2063: Making the Dream Come True,” marks a decade since the inception of Agenda 2063, the continent’s ambitious blueprint for sustainable development and economic growth.

This hybrid event, blending virtual and in-person experiences, comes at a pivotal time for Africa. Ten years since the launch of Agenda 2063, Africa stands at a crossroads, with significant advances and challenges shaping its landscape. From the impacts of climate change and debt crises to the potentials of technological advancements and agricultural revolution, the continent’s journey is a tapestry of diverse narratives.

The festival, taking place at the Royal Aria in Gaborone, will delve into these complexities, exploring the successes and hurdles in realizing a unified, prosperous Africa. The programme includes discussions on critical topics like freedom of movement, the integrated African market, investment in agriculture, technology, and healthcare in the post-Covid era.

The event’s highlight is set to be the discussion on the progress towards a unified African market, expected to boost Africa’s income by $450 billion by 2035 and significantly increase intra-African exports. Key sessions will focus on the implementation of the African Central Bank and the introduction of a unified currency, potentially named the AFRO or AFRIQ.

Another focal point is the state of agriculture in Africa. Despite having most of the world’s arable land, the continent faces challenges in transforming this potential into reality. The festival will address how to enhance Intra-Africa Agricultural Trade and explore value addition opportunities in the sector.

The festival promises to be a convergence of ideas and visions, bringing together heads of state, policymakers, industry leaders, and thinkers. It aims not only to reflect on the progress and setbacks of the past decade but also to chart a forward-thinking path for the next phase of Africa’s development journey.

With a rich array of sessions, including keynotes, panel discussions, and cultural events, the KUSI IDEAS FESTIVAL 2023 is poised to be a milestone event in shaping the narrative and future of Africa.

For more information and to secure your ticket, visit https://www.kusiideasfestival.com/