Empowering Women: The Economic and Social Benefits of Poultry Farming

By Charles Anthony

In Tanzania, a country celebrated for its rich agricultural heritage, Silverlands Tanzania is at the forefront of advancing food security and women’s empowerment. As one of the nation’s leading entities in the poultry sector, Silverlands Tanzania is not just transforming the agricultural landscape; it’s also championing the cause of women by highlighting the benefits of poultry farming as a path to prosperity.

The agricultural sector is a cornerstone of Tanzania’s economy, with initiatives aimed at bolstering food security being paramount. Silverlands Tanzania stands out for recognizing the indispensable role women play in agriculture, especially in poultry farming. By offering opportunities for women to engage in this field, Silverlands Tanzania actively promotes self-employment and development among women across the country.

Women’s involvement in poultry farming has a far-reaching impact, extending beyond individual households to contribute significantly to national food security. As traditional stewards of their families and communities, women are key drivers in the agricultural value chain, playing a crucial role in enhancing food production and distribution. This, in turn, strengthens the nation’s ability to combat food insecurity.

During a seminar held by Silverlands Tanzania on March 2, 2024, at the Rombo Green View Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Mrs. Mwanamvua Shamte, the marketing manager and a poultry farmer herself, emphasized the compatibility of poultry farming with women’s daily responsibilities. “Poultry farming is manageable alongside other household duties. It can be tended to early in the morning, allowing women to proceed with their day’s activities. This makes poultry farming a suitable endeavor for women, especially those who primarily stay at home,” Mrs. Shamte noted.

Such initiatives and insights from Silverlands Tanzania drive economic growth while contributing to social progress by empowering women. By acknowledging and leveraging the potential of women in agriculture, especially in poultry farming, Silverlands Tanzania is fostering a transformative shift towards inclusive and sustainable development.

The benefits of engaging women in poultry farming extend beyond economic empowerment to profound social implications. As women assume leadership roles within their communities, they challenge traditional gender norms and promote a culture of equality and inclusivity.

In essence, promoting women’s participation in poultry farming is a comprehensive strategy to address socio-economic challenges while advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment. As Tanzania marches towards a future of enhanced food security and sustainable development, initiatives spearheaded by Silverlands Tanzania illuminate the path toward a more equitable and prosperous society for all.