A Fresh Era in Tanzanian Agriculture – The Rise of Tamu Tamu Tanzania in Apple Production

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In an era where sustainable agriculture is not just a necessity but a mandate, Tanzania is witnessing a remarkable transformation in its apple industry, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Tamu Tamu Tanzania Limited (TTT) and the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT). This partnership marks a significant stride in replacing imported apples with locally produced ones, a move that is not only economically savvy but also ecologically responsible.

Founded in 2017 by a visionary group of Tanzanian entrepreneurs, TTT recognized the untapped potential in the Southern Highlands for apple and strawberry production. From their sprawling 100-acre farm in the Ifunda, Iringa Region, TTT is not just cultivating organic apples and strawberries but is on the brink of launching a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to processing these fruits. This development is not just an advancement in agricultural practice but a leap towards self-sufficiency.

What sets TTT apart is its dedication to empowering local farmers in the Iringa and Njombe Regions. Moving beyond mere business transactions, TTT is equipping farmers with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to succeed in the competitive apple industry. Their outreach program introduces modern, competitive apple varieties to smallholder farmers, fostering a sustainable income and uplifting entire communities.

Setting a Regional Precedent

TTT’s initiatives, supported by SAGCOT, are pioneering sustainable agricultural growth in Tanzania. This partnership serves as a model not just for the country but also for other regions looking to develop their agricultural sectors sustainably and inclusively. The collaborative efforts here underscore the transformative power of strategic alliances in agriculture.

The Future: A Vision of Inclusivity and Sustainability

Tamu Tamu Tanzania’s commitment to sustainability and social inclusivity is redefining the temperate fruits value chain in Tanzania. Their work is a beacon of hope, heralding a future where agriculture is not just a means of sustenance but a catalyst for societal upliftment and empowerment.

TTT stands as a pioneer in East Africa’s agricultural sector, being the premier commercial apple farm and nursery. They have meticulously cultivated over 30 top-quality apple seedling varieties, tailored to the unique climatic conditions of East Africa. This is not just agricultural innovation; it’s a commitment to regional prosperity.

Strategically positioned between Iringa, Mafinga, and Maket Districts, TTT has, after extensive research, identified eight best-performing apple varieties suited to Tanzanian conditions. This strategic location and research underscore TTT’s dedication to optimizing agricultural success in the region.

Looking forward, TTT aims to meet a significant portion of Tanzania’s fresh apple demand by 2030. Their ambitious future plans include expanding apple tree production, introducing online training materials, enhancing storage and processing facilities, and even beginning tree exports to neighboring East African countries.

TTT’s aspiration to replace imported apples with locally produced ones is more than an economic goal; it’s a vision for a self-sustaining Tanzania. By disseminating apple production knowledge and investing in processing facilities, TTT is revolutionizing not just apple cultivation but also the empowerment of local farmers.

The collaboration between Tamu Tamu Tanzania and SAGCOT is a shining example of how strategic partnerships can lead to revolutionary changes in agriculture. This initiative is not just about growing apples; it’s about nurturing a sustainable and prosperous future for Tanzania. As we look forward to 2030 and beyond, TTT’s vision and commitment make it clear that the future of Tanzanian agriculture is not just bright but ripe with possibilities.


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