Dodoma Region Revealed to Have More Mineral Resources Than Other Regions

Dodoma, July 28, 2023 – A research conducted by the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) has uncovered a wealth of mineral resources in the Dodoma Region, surpassing other regions in the country.

Various mineral studies carried out by the GST and presented in the newly released book titled “Madini Yapatikanayo Tanzania” (Minerals Available in Tanzania) have shed light on the abundance of minerals in Dodoma. This revelation was made during an event on July 28, 2023, where Mr. Maswi Solomon, the Acting Manager of Geological Research at GST, handed over the fifth edition of the book to the Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Ms. Rosemary Senyamule.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Solomon attributed the region’s diverse mineral wealth to its unique geological characteristics. Dodoma’s location in a special geological belt with distinct geological changes has resulted in a wide range of minerals, making it a leader in mineral diversity, followed closely by Morogoro and Lindi regions.

Some of the critical minerals identified in the Dodoma region include lithium, nickel, iron, uranium, copper, and helium. Additionally, several other minerals essential for domestic industries, such as limestone, gypsum, feldspar, ceramics, quartz, and kyanite, have been recognized.

Notably, Dodoma boasts unique minerals, including Yoderite, found on Mount Mautia in the Kongwa District. The GST has recommended the preservation of these minerals for geological tourism and educational purposes, providing opportunities for researchers and students to study and witness these minerals.

The book was handed over to the Dodoma Regional Commissioner as part of the directives given by the Prime Minister during the 2023 Femata Conference in Mwanza. Ms. Rosemary Senyamule, the Dodoma Regional Commissioner, commended GST for its efforts in promoting Tanzania’s mineral opportunities and pledged to use this information to attract investment to the Dodoma region, known for its diverse mineral wealth.

The discovery of abundant minerals in the Dodoma region opens up new economic prospects and positions the region as a significant player in Tanzania’s mineral sector. It is expected to stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities, and contribute substantially to the region’s revenue. Furthermore, the establishment of mining-related businesses and educational institutions is likely to facilitate skills development and knowledge transfer, supporting the sustainable growth of the mining industry in Dodoma.

The wealth of minerals within the Dodoma region holds the promise of a new era of economic prosperity, with the potential to benefit not only the region but also the entire nation of Tanzania.

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