BBT Program Beneficiary Opens Second Farm

Raha Aloyce, a beneficiary of the BBT Program, which empowers youth in agriculture and is funded by the Agricultural Input Trust Fund (AGTF), has opened another seedling farm in Kilindi District, Kikunde Village, Tanga region.

Ms. Aloyce is among over 120 youths who have benefited from the BBT Program. She started by opening her first farm in Dumila, Morogoro region, and after working diligently, she has successfully opened another farm.

The new farm’s launch was attended by the District Commissioner of Kilindi, Hon. Hashim Mgandilwa, BBT Program Coordinator Ms. Vumilia Zekankuba, leaders from the Tanga and Morogoro regions, and representatives from various agricultural organizations.

Speaking about the launch, Ms Aloyce, who currently employs 50 youths, stated that the decision to open the farm was driven by high demand from clients in the Tanga region who were ordering seedlings from the Morogoro farm.

“I am grateful to President Samia for how she has been a catalyst for youth entering agriculture, particularly for her commitment to empowering youth in various ways to benefit from agriculture. She facilitated a grant of 20 million shillings to develop the Dumila farm to expand to Kilindi,” said Ms. Aloyce.

She also mentioned receiving continuous advice from the BBT Project to develop her agriculture business further and urged the Ministry of Agriculture officials to continue supporting young farmers.

Ms. Vumilia Zekankuba, the BBT Program Coordinator, remarked that under the loans provided through AGTF, 4% of beneficiaries have been progressing in agriculture. Ms. Aloyce is one of the few who have exemplified the proper use of these loans.

Hon. Mgandilwa, the District Commissioner of Kilindi, assured Ms Aloyce of his district’s continued support for her activities and encouraged her to expand further by opening up more opportunities for crop sales.

Raha, says “SAGCOT recognized my potential when Raha Farm was just a fledgling venture, barely finding its footing. They stood by me through those early, challenging days, offering steadfast support long before others took notice.,” she says.