Bashe: Tanzania Govt. to Improve Agricultural Sector, Empower Farmers”

Minister of Agriculture, Hussein Bashe

The Tanzanian government has announced a series of measures to support the agriculture sector and ensure fair pricing for food products. The government will not remove the price controls on agricultural products, instead focusing on improving the profitability of the farming process. Minister of Agriculture Hussein Bashe, spoke about the government’s plans while discussing the visit of the Tanzanian Union President to Davos and Senegal.

One of the measures the government is taking is increasing food preservation capacity, with storage increasing from 200,000 to 500,000 tons. This will ensure sufficient maize and rice available during the harvest season, reducing the risk of food shortages. Additionally, the government plans to purchase farmers’ products at fair prices, supporting them during difficult times.

Another initiative by the government is to build the necessary infrastructure for agriculture. Currently, only 10 million hectares out of 44 million hectares suitable for agriculture have been utilized, with only 2.7% of 29 million hectares suitable for irrigation. The government has signed an agreement to establish 97,000 hectares in the agriculture sector and allocate funds for the necessary infrastructure.

The government is also addressing land acquisition problems faced by young people. The government plans to allocate land to them through a specific process, including establishing block farms and cleaning and preparation. Over 16,000 people have already applied for land through the government’s online platform, and the government has allocated Sh. Three billion from the budget to address these problems.

The Tanzanian government is taking a proactive approach to support the agriculture sector and ensure fair pricing for food products. The government is improving food preservation capacity, building necessary infrastructure, and addressing land acquisition problems. The Deputy Permanent Secretary of Agriculture and the Director of Crop Development were present at the announcement, showcasing the government’s commitment to the success of the agriculture sector.