Bagbara Tanko of MoFA Awarded for Excellence in Public Relations and Feature Writing Team

– Bagbara Tanko, the Head of Public Relations Officer at Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), has been honored with the Best Public Relations Officer in Feature Writing award for 2023. This accolade was presented at the prestigious 4th Government Public Relations Officers Excellence Awards in Accra, acknowledging her outstanding contribution to public communications.

Tanko’s award-winning prowess in feature writing has been instrumental in portraying MoFA’s initiatives and achievements, significantly enhancing the ministry’s communication with the Ghanaian public. Her articles, known for their clarity, informativeness, and engaging narrative, have greatly contributed to elevating MoFA’s profile and advancing the public’s understanding of its pivotal role in the agricultural sector.

The award ceremony, overseen by the Information Services Department under the Ministry of Information, was themed “Curbing Misinformation and Disinformation: The Role of Government PROs.” This theme resonates deeply with Tanko’s commitment to factual and responsible journalism, a cornerstone of her approach to public relations.

Tanko’s achievement has been met with widespread acclaim from her peers at MoFA and the wider public relations fraternity in Ghana. Her colleagues have praised her as a shining example of dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to public relations excellence.

Impact Beyond the Award

Tanko’s influence extends far beyond this singular recognition. Her tenure at MoFA is marked by a consistent dedication to effective communication, crucial for promoting the ministry’s objectives. Her features range from celebrating the successes of Ghanaian farmers to spotlighting cutting-edge agricultural technologies and policies.

By skillfully blending factual content with human-interest elements, Tanko’s writing not only informs but also captivates and motivates the public. Her work has been pivotal in connecting policy decisions with the lives of the people they impact, thus fostering a well-informed and supportive community.

Future Prospects and Continued Excellence

This accolade at the 4th Government Public Relations Officers Excellence Awards is both a milestone and a motivating force for Tanko and her team at MoFA. It reaffirms the positive impact of their commitment to transparent and effective public communication.

Looking forward, Tanko and her colleagues are poised to continue leveraging the power of storytelling to advocate for agricultural advancement and food security in Ghana. Their unwavering dedication to clear, precise, and engaging communication not only sets a benchmark in government public relations but also serves as an inspiration for future communicators nationwide.

Congratulations to Bagbara Tanko on this well-deserved honor. Her ongoing contributions are pivotal to the growth and success of Ghana’s agricultural sector, and her journey continues to inspire many in the field of public relations.

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