“Tanzanian Youth and Women Ready to Feed Africa and the World,” Says AGRA’s Vianey Rweyendela, Spotlighting Climate Change Challenges in Agriculture at COP28

Kilimokwanza.org reporter

Vianey Rweyendela, the Country Director of AGRA in Tanzania, has expressed high hopes for the COP28 event in the UAE. Rweyendela commended the Tanzanian government for its exemplary preparations ahead of the conference. Running from November 30th to December 12th, 2023, the conference has become a pivotal stage for addressing global environmental challenges

In a bold and inspiring declaration, Rweyendela, has emphasized the critical role of Tanzanian youth and women in agricultural transformation. His statement, “Transformation must happen, Tanzanian Youth and Women are ready to feed Africa and the world,” not only reflects confidence but also underlines a significant value proposition in Tanzania’s approach to sustainable agriculture and food security.

This declaration is rooted in the recognition of Tanzania’s unique demographic advantages and the untapped potential of its youth and women. With over 60% of its population under the age of 25 and women constituting a significant portion of the agricultural workforce, Tanzania’s strategy focuses on harnessing these demographic dynamics for agricultural growth and sustainability. Through ‘Building Better Tomorrow’ (BBT), the Tanzanian government is actively promoting youth engagement in agribusiness, aiming for sustainable and improved livelihoods.

Rweyendela also brought critical attention to the impact of climate change on agriculture during the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the UNFCCC in Dubai. He stated, “Climate change has hit the agriculture sector significantly. Yet in Tanzania, the sector employs more than 65% of the citizens. We need to do more to curb its effects.” His statement echoes the growing concerns about the vulnerability of agriculture to climate-related challenges, especially in regions like Africa where it forms the backbone of economies and livelihoods.

Rweyendela further emphasized the role of specific demographics in the fight against climate change, saying, “Climate-smart agriculture practices geared towards women and youth, who form 50% of this segment, would be a first step to advancing the transformation.” This approach highlights AGRA’s commitment to not only addressing the environmental challenges but also empowering the most affected and often underrepresented groups in the agriculture sector.

AGRA’s focus at COP28 is to advocate for climate-smart agriculture practices. Rweyendela points out the importance of targeting these practices towards women and youth, who constitute 50% of the agricultural workforce.

Doing so is about empowering these key demographic segments, ensuring that they are at the forefront of adapting and responding to climate challenges.

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