AGRA’s Dr. Muhinda Commends Ethiopia’s Wheat Production Breakthrough Team

Ethiopia’s strides towards agricultural self-reliance have garnered much attention, with its recent wheat production surge marking a significant milestone. Over the past three years, the nation has witnessed a remarkable 4.8 million-ton surplus, showcasing a resilient agricultural sector with the potential to transform East Africa’s food landscape.

Dr. Jean Jacques Mbonigaba Muhinda (JJ) AGRA Regional Head, East Africa applauds Ethiopia’s achievements: “Simply impressive, the figures speak volumes.” However, he cautions that effective utilization depends on trade infrastructure and price competitiveness. Addressing these factors is crucial for distributing and selling the wheat within East Africa, offering a sustainable alternative to imports.

Ethiopia’s journey paints a picture of strategic challenge-overcoming. From 2019/20 to 2023/24, wheat cultivation area has steadily increased, culminating in an expected 11.73 million quintal production this season. This not only demonstrates agricultural prowess but also shines a beacon of hope for regional food security.

The surplus opens doors for trade and economic integration, highlighting the importance of agricultural investment and innovation in achieving continental food self-sufficiency. The implications extend beyond agriculture, promising foreign exchange savings, empowered farmers, and a boosted domestic economy.

Dr. Muhinda emphasizes the interconnectedness of agricultural success and regional benefits. Ethiopia’s example shows that self-sufficiency in critical staples is attainable with the right investments and policies, potentially inspiring other East African nations.

Dr Muhinda represented AGRA in a side event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (@mfaethiopia). The event, titled “Harnessing Digitization for Africa’s Transformation”, featured H.E. President Sahle-Work Zewde as the Chief Guest. Muhinda expresses his admiration for the achievements of the Ethiopian AI Institute, particularly its contributions to policy and research and development within the field of artificial intelligence.