Improving the livelihood of small-scale farmers
Taking a New Look at Africa's Agriculture; Develoepmental Communication

Three Priority Intervention Areas to Provide West Africans with Sufficient, Affordable, and Nutritious Food in the Long Term

— According to the Food Crisis Prevention Network, a record 18.6 million people are currently in need of food assistance in West Africa. While urgent and immediate humanitarian action is necessary to protect vulnerable populations, a new World Bank and FAO publication offers fresh thinking for dealing with both the challenges and opportunities resulting from accelerating long-term trends including…

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New guidance launched to help countries track livestock emissions

NEW ZEALAND – 92 developing countries included livestock-related emissions as a target for mitigation in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). One of the biggest challenges to achieving mitigation in the sector is tracking emissions, for which national inventories are a key tool. However, systems for measuring and monitoring changes in livestock greenhouse gas emissions are under-developed in many countries….

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Investments in climate services for agriculture and food security outweigh costs

MADRID, SPAIN – Weather and climate services are vital for sustainable development and climate change adaptation. The benefits of investment greatly outweigh the cost, and yet the capacity to deliver and access these services is uneven and inadequate, according to a new report. An inaugural report on the State of Climate Services highlights progress, opportunities and challenges in rolling out…

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